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Swiss Jobs

Swiss jobs

Switzerland is a country with one of the highest incomes and standards of living, which makes it one of the most competitive job search environments. Although it might appear difficult at first, finding Swiss jobs is indeed possible for expats coming from around the globe.

The job market in Switzerland

Before starting a job search, there are a few things one should bear in mind.

Switzerland is not a part of the European Union, but since signing the bilateral agreement with the EU, the country guarantees freedom of employment to EU and EFTA (European Free Trade Association) citizens. This and the fact that the Swiss government imposes strict job quotas makes the job search harder for expats coming from non-EU/EFTA countries.

However, when it comes to highly skilled and well-qualified specialists and experts, the situation is slightly different and the chances of finding jobs in Switzerland are much higher, regardless of the home country.

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How to stand out

One of your main goals should be highlighting the experience and skills which can make you stand out from the Swiss, EU, and EFTA labor force.

Make sure your Swiss-style CV and cover letter point out your previous international experience. In addition, depending on the region and industry, good command of any of the three official languages – German, French or Italian is a great advantage, as well as proficiency in Russian, Chinese, and Japanese. Finally, your willingness to become a part of the Swiss working environment and society will most definitely be seen as a huge plus.

Not sure how to start looking for a job in Switzerland? Contact Expat-savvy and we will help you discover your secret talents and expertise that puts you above others.

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