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Swiss Insurance Medicine

Health insurance in Switzerland covers only some medicinal products utilized in complementary medicine. Such products are covered by basic health insurance only if they are on the List of Pharmaceutical Specialties.

To cover the expenses of medical products that are not included in the list, it is necessary to take supplemental insurance.

Medicine covered by basic insurance policy

Basic Swiss Health insurance covers medicine prescribed by a doctor or hospital which are included in the List of Pharmaceutical Specialties. To see which medicine is included in the list, check out the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health website or contact Expat Savvy for additional information.

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Parental care

If you are expecting a child, know that your basic insurance policy covers:

    • Hospital birth
    • Home birth
    • Birth in a specialized birthing center
    • Physician
  • Midwife

Note: The place of birth has to be listed in the Hospital list of the canton of residence. The above listed services may differ depending on the canton of residence.


There is a wide range of contraception methods available. To decide on the best contraceptive method, please consult with your gynecologist. The cost of contraceptive solutions is not covered by basic health insurance.

Unwanted pregnancy

Abortion was legalized in Switzerland in 2002, and a woman is allowed to request an abortion in the following cases:

    • If a woman in the trimester (first 12 weeks of pregnancy)
    • If a woman proves the pregnancy caused her distress
  • If a woman’s physical or mental health is at risk

Currently, basic health insurance covers the cost of an abortion.

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