Personal Liability Insurance.

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Personal Liability Insurance

As an expat looking to rent an apartment in Switzerland, you have probably heard your potential landlords mention personal liability insurance and insist that you show them proof of having one.

But what exactly are the benefits of having personal liability insurance in Switzerland, what does it cover, and do you need to take it out? Expat-savvy team has prepared reliable answers to all those questions.

Personal liability insurance in Switzerland

Personal liability insurance in Switzerland is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended to purchase. It covers various cases of damage you and your family (pets included) may accidentally cause to other people or third-party property.

Some of the possible scenarios include:

    • Scratching the rented apartment floor
    • Damaging the walls in the rented apartment
    • Accidental flooding
  • Pet attacking the neighbor or their pet and you have the obligation to compensate them

Mishaps like these can happen to everyone, and could be a significant financial burden if you are not insured and have to cover the costs by yourself. By taking out a personal liability insurance in Switzerland, you ensure that the costs of the damage you or your family inflicted are covered.

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What does personal liability insurance in Switzerland cover?

Personal liability insurance in Switzerland covers the following:

    • Personal injury
    • Property damage
    • Unsubstantiated claims
  • Financial losses caused by personal injuries damage to property

It is important to keep in mind that personal liability insurance in Switzerland covers only compensations which are based on negligence, not those caused intentionally and willfully.

When purchasing liability insurance, you can expand the basic benefits package and add certain options, such as coverage for damages caused by damp and smoke, or third-party vehicles coverage. What you choose to add greatly depends on your lifestyle and specific needs, and we can help you choose a custom-tailored liability insurance that will be a perfect fit.

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