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Pediatricians in Switzerland

When relocating to Switzerland together with young children, it is crucial to inform yourself about Swiss child healthcare services and find a pediatrician for your child who you will trust and your child will feel comfortable around.

Our team at Expat-savvy is happy to help by providing all the necessary information concerning your child’s health needs, along with a list of available English-speaking pediatricians you can contact if you want to make an appointment.  

Swiss healthcare system

Healthcare system in Switzerland is one of the best there is among developed countries. Swiss medical facilities are fully equipped and employ highly qualified doctors, pediatricians, and specialists.

Swiss healthcare system is financed by individuals through contributions they pay for basic health insurance which is obligatory for every Swiss resident.

Each family member has to take out their own health insurance, including children. Parents are responsible for their children’s insurance and they have to insure them within the first three months of birth. Once insured, your child’s pediatric treatment costs will be covered.

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How is child healthcare in Switzerland organized?

There are several child healthcare providers available in Switzerland:

    • Primary care providers (pediatricians and general practitioners(GPs))
    • Pediatric hospitals with:
        • primary care where general practitioners examine your child after the admission
        • secondary care where your child is examined by a pediatric subspecialist
      • tertiary care with personnel and facilities specialized for addressing rare diseases and disorders
    • Pediatric surgeons specialized in treating children
    • Psychiatric units for children and adolescents with psychiatrists and psychologists to help with any mental health issues your child might be diagnosed with
    • Hospitals for adults that do not offer formal pediatric services
  • Various non-physician healthcare professionals which include, but are not limited to:
      • Speech therapists
      • Special needs teachers
      • Nurses
      • Physiotherapists
      • Medical office assistants
    • Social workers

If you want us to connect you with an English-speaking pediatrician in your neighborhood, feel free to contact us at any time!

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