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Supplementary insurance

Supplementary health insurance complements your compulsory basic health insurance and can be tailor-made and in accordance with your needs and preferences. It is an excellent option for supplementing benefits which are either partially or not covered at all by your basic health policy.

Insurance companies are obliged to give out basic health insurance to citizens and residents in Switzerland who request one without asking for a proof of the client’s medical condition. However, when it comes to issuing supplementary insurance policies, insurance companies reserve the right to ask their prospective clients to conduct additional medical examinations and check-ups and provide proof of their medical condition before they agree to issue them a policy.

Types of supplementary insurance

There are several major categories of supplementary insurance:

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Treatment abroad
  • Pregnancy and maternity,
  • Medicines
  • Transport to hospital

Some other supplementary insurance options include:

  • Access to alternative medical treatments and therapists
  • Dental treatments
  • Dental braces and regular check-ups
  • Preventative check-ups
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Expenses that come from leading a healthy lifestyle (eg. gym or fitness center costs)

Also, options like the choice of doctor, hospital, and admission to semi-private or private wards are also available. Lastly, you can find home care and long-term care options, death or disability benefits, and insurance for your guests.


As you can see, there is a great number of supplementary insurance options and their prices can vary greatly from one insurance provider to another across Switzerland cantons. It is important to know that you are not obliged to take both basic and supplemental insurances with the same insurance company.

If you decide to change your insurance company, wait until you receive confirmation of acceptance from the new insurer prior to terminating your current supplementary insurance contract. Regarding the cancellation date, everything must be done before September 30th, which is different from the cancellation date for basic health insurance (end of November). However, some insurance companies and policies offer longer cancellation periods and deadlines, so make sure you have all the necessary information before taking your next step.

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