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Private insurance

When it comes to compulsory health insurance, citizens and expatriates residing in Switzerland have the option of taking out private health insurance. A basic insurance premium is the same, however, private insurances usually include more benefits than the basic package, which further means higher premium costs.

Higher premiums, more options

The number of private insurance providers is high and the prices of their insurance offers may vary greatly. Therefore, it is highly advisable to compare offers prior to acquiring a policy for you and your family.  

Private insurance policies are typically tailor-made policies and this is one of the points that associates them with high insurance premiums. In addition, what needs to be mentioned is that private insurance policies usually cover a wider range of additional services and the insurance companies do their utmost best to provide the highest quality service to their clients.

Changing your private insurance

If you are not satisfied with your private insurance policy, the Swiss law gives you the right to change your insurance provider yearly. What each policyholder needs to do is decide whether they would like to keep or change their insurance and inform the insurance company about their decision and termination of their contract by November 31. The new policy is active starting January 1 the following year.

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