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GP model

GP model is one of the most widely-used Swiss insurance models. According to the GP model, your family doctor is the first person you turn to in case of a potential health problem.

There are many doctors available in Switzerland, and you are free to choose your own doctor. Once you decide on a general practitioner or primary care physician you can schedule a consultation with your GP any time you experience any health issues, or have health-related questions. Your GP will asses the situation, and refer you to a specialist or a hospital if necessary.

Choosing the family doctor model

In order to participate in this insurance model, first, you have to choose a family doctor who has partnered with your insurance company. Your insurer might not have partnerships with every available GP in your place of residence, so it is best that you ask for a list of eligible GPs before taking out a policy. Since GPs are your first point of call in the event of any health issues, you should choose your family doctor very carefully.

If you are dissatisfied with your choice, you can always ask your insurer to show you the list again, so you can select a new family doctor and change the current one at any time.

What are the advantages of the family doctor model?

The advantages of the GP model are:

  • The treatment you receive from your family doctor is often more effective than the treatment provided by a specialist. The main reason for this is that your GP knows your medical history, your health issues, and special needs, which helps to ensure effective medical care.
  • Premiums you are required to pay for a family doctor policy are lower than standard policy premiums. This can save you a significant amount of money on insurance premiums, and the amount depends on the chosen insurance company and policy.
  • The family doctor model is available in both urban and in rural parts of Switzerland, which makes it easier for you to find your own family doctor.
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