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Cancel additional insurance

Additional health insurance (supplementary insurance or outpatient insurance) is not obligatory for all Swiss residents, but it is highly advisable to apply for it. However, supplementary insurance companies do not have the obligation to accept your application, so it is advisable to cancel your additional insurance only when you have a guarantee of approval from your new insurer.

There are many supplementary health insurance companies to choose from. Once you decide on the policy you want, it is crucial to pay attention to insurance conditions and read the contract carefully, since every insurer has their own terms and conditions. Understanding them is of the utmost importance when it comes to the cancellation of your additional insurance.

Termination notice periods

Every insurer has a different policy, with different terms and conditions regarding the policy termination. Usually, additional insurance policies come with a one-year contract, although there are insurers that offer multiple-year contracts, as well.

If you have taken out a one-year policy, the notice period for terminating your contract is typically three months. Keep in mind that some insurers and policies require you to give your termination notice six months prior to the end of each calendar year.

Early termination

If your insurer announces that there will be a rise in premiums, you have the right to cancel your additional insurance ahead of schedule. The cancellation period varies depending on the insurer in question. Some insurers will allow you to notify them by the end of the year, some will require that you do this by the end of November, while others will give you only a period of one month after the announcement.

Also, you may terminate your policy early if you are moved into a higher premium bracket because of your age.

If you have several insurance policies taken out from the same insurer, early termination rules will vary between insurance companies. Some will allow you to cancel only those policies affected by a rise in premiums, whereas others will allow you to cancel all the policies you have.

Formal notice of cancellation

Notifying your insurer of additional insurance cancellation has to be done in writing. Termination notice should be sent by a registered mail, so there is proof that the insurer received the letter. The letter should contain:

  • the name of the supplementary insurance company
  • the license plate of the supplementary insurance company
  • termination date
  • a notification stating that you wish to cancel your contract
  • your signature
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