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Basic health insurance

All Swiss citizens are obliged to take out basic health insurance no more than 3 months after the birth of a child, or 3 months upon their arrival to the country. It is regulated by the federal government and covers all legal benefits if you are:

  • Ill
  • Experience an accident
  • Pregnant

Basic Health Insurance Coverage

There are around 60 registered insurance companies in the country, and all basic health insurance policies cover the same benefits with all insurance companies in Switzerland. All companies are required to accept all applicants, regardless of their pre-existing health conditions. Considering, you can opt for a basic insurance policy that comes with the lowest monthly premium.

Basic health insurance covers:

  • Doctor treatment in case of illness
  • Emergency treatment
  • Transport/rescue expenses
  • Medicines prescribed by a doctor (medicine as to be included in the official list of medicine)
  • Maternity tests, check-ups, antenatal classes, childbirth
  • Gynecological check-ups
  • Abortion
  • Vaccinations
  • Rehabilitation after operations or illness

Some alternative therapies are also covered by the basic insurance policy, including:

  • Homeopathy
  • Chinese medicine
  • Psychotherapy

If you require medical help while on a short trip in an EU country, your insurance policy may cover the treatment. If you need medical assistance in a non-EU country, you can apply for reimbursement, but whether or not you will receive the full amount depends on your insurer.

For additional benefits, you can take out a supplementary or premium insurance, HMO, or Telemed. Depending on a model you choose, your insurance premiums will be higher or lower.

Health insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums differ from one insurance company to the other and specific terms and conditions of their policies. This variation in premium costs depends on the region the Federal Office of Public Health has listed the company in.


No more than 3 months after birth, parents are required to take out a basic insurance policy for their baby. They can choose an insurance company freely and are allowed to take supplementary health insurance if they feel the need for it.

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