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Annual deductible

Annual deductible represents the amount you are required to pay towards your treatment costs on a yearly basis. When you reach this amount, the insurance company starts distributing payments. How the costs are calculated All Swiss citizens have to take out a basic insurance policy and pay monthly premiums to the ...
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Basic health insurance

All Swiss citizens are obliged to take out basic health insurance no more than 3 months after the birth of a child, or 3 months upon their arrival to the country. It is regulated by the federal government and covers all legal benefits if you are: Ill Experience an ...
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Cancel additional insurance

Additional health insurance (supplementary insurance or outpatient insurance) is not obligatory for all Swiss residents, but it is highly advisable to apply for it. However, supplementary insurance companies do not have the obligation to accept your application, so it is advisable to cancel your additional insurance only when you have ...
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Cancel Health Insurance

Are you moving away? Or are you may be unsatisfied with your current health insurance policy? Whatever the reason may be behind your decision to cancel health insurance, it is crucial to understand what the entire process entails and what other insurance options are at your disposal. Insurance options All Swiss ...
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Compulsory health insurance

Compulsory health insurance is mandatory for all residents of Switzerland. Upon your arrival, you have a three-month grace period to take out a basic health insurance policy before you are asked to show proof that you are covered. This grace period gives you time to decide on the insurer and ...
Dentist chair - Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is very important for keeping our teeth healthy. In order to prevent any dental problems, it is crucial to schedule an appointment with your dentist at least once a year, so you can have your teeth checked regularly. However, visiting a dentist can be quite expensive, so it is ...
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Free choice of medical doctors

There are approximately 34,000 doctors in Switzerland who are all a part of Swiss primary healthcare. In order to register with a doctor, you have to take out a compulsory health insurance policy. The majority of doctors in Switzerland operate by appointment, and the most common reasons to schedule a ...
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GP model

GP model is one of the most widely-used Swiss insurance models. According to the GP model, your family doctor is the first person you turn to in case of a potential health problem. There are many doctors available in Switzerland, and you are free to choose your own doctor. Once you ...

Health insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums are fees that citizens and anyone residing in Switzerland needs to pay to insurance companies in Switzerland, usually on a monthly basis. Having a basic health insurance is compulsory, unlike the optional supplementary insurance which terms, conditions, and benefits differ and can be chosen in accordance with ...
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Private insurance

When it comes to compulsory health insurance, citizens and expatriates residing in Switzerland have the option of taking out private health insurance. A basic insurance premium is the same, however, private insurances usually include more benefits than the basic package, which further means higher premium costs. Higher premiums, more options The number ...

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