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Dental Insurance Switzerland

A mandatory health insurance in Switzerland covers only a handful of dental emergencies which can seriously impact your health (e.g. serious infections and teeth and jaw damage resulting from serious illnesses). For this reason, dental insurance in Switzerland belongs to the supplemental health insurance policies category and needs to be taken additionally.

Basic information about dental insurance

Most insurance providers offer dental insurance either as:

    • a bundled supplementary health insurance policy for an added premium
  • as a stand-alone policy

The premiums range from CHF 10 and CHF 100 per month, depending on your age, coverage provided, deductibles, and even your place of residence.

An important note about dental insurance in Switzerland is that insurers can reject applicants for supplementary health insurance due to their medical and dental condition. It is quite common for Swiss insurance providers to require that you take a dental exam prior to presenting more comprehensive insurance options. On the other hand, when it comes to lower-coverage policies, they are usually provided without a medical report.

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Expenses and coverage

Dental insurance providers in Switzerland use the Swiss Dental Association (SSO) tariff recommendations as guidelines for the benefits they provide. However, this does not mean that the benefits you get will cover the expenses entirely. Although the majority of dentists also set their prices in accordance with the SSO rates, they can set the value of their services.

Dental care prices are based on a point system and every dental treatment has its own point value. For instance, according to the SSO, a checkup is worth 21 points, which further means that the price you need to pay could be anything from CHF 63 to CHF 126, depending on the dentist’s price per point.

Essential information regarding dental insurance policies in Switzerland is that they generally come with qualification periods. Furthermore, the insurance rules state that you will have to hold a dental insurance policy for at least 1 year before becoming completely covered and being able to use the dental insurance benefits.

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