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Change Health Insurance

Are you unsatisfied with your health insurance policy? Whether it is the high costs or inadequate coverage, know that there are other options you can explore and change your health insurance with easy.

Swiss health insurance options

  • Basic health insurance

All Swiss citizens are required to have basic health insurance. If as an expat you do not obtain a policy in the first three months of your arrival to the country, you are likely to be imposed one. In case you decide that the basic insurance policy does not match your needs or is too expensive, you can change health insurance and take out a more affordable one.

  • Supplementary/Premium health insurance

If the basic insurance policy all citizens are required to have does not cover your needs, you can take out a supplementary or premium health insurance. Know that the contents of the policy, benefits, costs, terms and conditions differ from one provider to the other.  

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Change compulsory basic insurance: Fees & Termination period

  • Fees

You are not required have to pay any termination fees when you decide to change health insurance policy.

  • Termination period

It takes around a month to process the request to terminate the basic health insurance policy, during which time you still enjoy all the benefits. You can change health insurance at the end of the termination period so that you don’t have to pay for two different policies at the same time.

Change supplementary/premium insurance: Fees & Termination period

Fees and termination period differ based on the terms and conditions outlined in the insurance policy. Supplementary/premium insurance providers set out different notice period which you need to adhere to. Alternatively, you will have to pay additional termination fees.

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